Monday, 14 May 2007

a brand new blog ...a brand new start

Well here's my first blog ever in my life ~ ( proud ) LOLZ ....i created this blog to give myself some motivation to keep producing work and post it online ,cuz i find myself don have motivation to do my work ...

after few more hours .... college starts ~ :( i have been sleepless for few days thinking of this .... thinking about the stress that i have to cope with .. the "promises " or ..... so call goal that i've made to myself .. i've been doing very very badly for the previous term..... cuz i didnt really gave in enuff for my work ... its time to really work hard cuz its final year in coll for me ... (well hope i'll do what i said ) :( ........ I MUST BE DETERMINED !!!!

for few months i have been slacking .... and the reason i gave myself is .. i don have the enviroment to do my work ~ i need to be in gang ~ i kenot work alone ~ :( ..... but somehow i've lost the environment (the helping each other ....keeping each other up at night to do projects.. criticising each other art work for improvement )..and ... everytime ... every single time ... i try to do my work ~ "accidents " happen for sure ... such as ... i kenot find my notes ... i kenot find my pen ... fren call me out ... etc etc .... ( well i'm just not determined )

well .. i kenot stay like this forever ... i will work hard from this moment onwards ~ ..... :)

things i need to do for this week :

  • Go get myself a note book for this sem
  • buy a pendrive ( i broke mine :'( )
  • get a haircut ~ ( i hate my hair now )

well i guess this is it ~ .... my first post