Saturday, 30 June 2007

The road not taken

stresssed !!!!!! i need to come out with the action script for the f***king online media website which i really kenot find any info of it online ~~ GRRRR !!!! and then i was offered a chance to partner with a stylist to open a studio which he already found all the sponsors ~ he is just waiting my answer then the project will starts ~~ gosh ~ and he will pay all the rental and stuffs i just need to do his F**king website .... and take the photograph of the models ~ ~~ i doubt it if i really wanna go into the "fashion field " ..... but ofcuz i wanna earn money (who dont ) but ... i will be much more happier if i am a freaking cool desginer and earn a living with my design ~~ ...... and .. i dunno if i got time to cope with my studies or not ....... :"( ... and this might be a chance for me (who knows wat it will brings me to ? ) .... i am stressed !!!

anyway ~~ this is a t-shirt design i did ..... lolz ~ i think a t-shirt looks nice if its plain ... so .....

sounds not convincing ~~ hummm i wonder why ~~ (lame)

Thursday, 28 June 2007

FREE at last !!!! for 1 night

finally i pass up my motion graphic today .... felt damn relax after passing up .... haha right after coming back from coll i started sleeping until 12 am only i woke up ... never felt how its like to sleep lidat since ...... last holiday ~ wakakakka ~ then i started ston-ing infront of my comp and felt like drawing again so i did another piece of digital paitning of kym ~ XP took me quite some time to finish it ....somehow one of my fren just broke up with her bf .... she seems so depressed from her nick name .. it makes me think of the time i broke up with my ex 1 year back .. i was like her was like the end of the world for me .. it took me quite some time to heal my wound ......well she just need sometime and she'll realise that love is just a small part of life .... there's alot of nicer thing other than love ... :) like frenz .... cheerish the frenz u have......i'm greatfull that i have a bunch of cool frenz now ~ thanks guys ~

screenshots from FIRST my motiongraphic ever

photos i found randomly online

my version of kym....... photoshop+painter

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


gosh ~ motion graphic due date is at wed .... i just came back from the coll lab at ~~~~ its freaking tiring man..i reach home ~ had my dinner on 1am and started to continue doing my motion graphic ... and had some random chat with akmal and i told him i need some cool music to keep me awake ...and so .... he sent me this great song ........well .... if i just broke up and i hate my gf .... i will tell this to my frenz ~~~ lolz !!!

The Vandals-my girlfriend's dead

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Digital painting

its 5.00am and i have been doing motion graphic for the whole day ytr (sleepless)~ felt abit streessed so .... i browse thru my photo's and then got an idea of doing digital i pick a gal from my photos(fern ) and start painting..and then i kinda get "higher and higher " and den i started to do some photo editing with lights and colors.... well the outcome is ...... great ( i think)

digital painting-photoshop
(fern)well i am not a illustration student nor a animator i guess i've tried hard

akmal the arrogant

fern the sweet (she just seems to be in my photos so frequently )

i am FAT?!?!? wth ?

gosh ~~ a fren told me past few days .... that i look fater ledi .... well i ignore it cuz i think she havent seen me for ages ... and ..... today ..... somone told me that also ! gosh ~~ am i that fat ?
i've stop jogging and working out for 3 weeks already ~ due to ........................ hwk ~ ( its not an excuse okay ) well and i did find back my previous photos and compare it with the photo now ...
haha i don think i look fater also.

few months back

last few days

( in fact i think i look slim-er) er..........................don i ?hmmmm maybe its the hair... well anyway so i went to you tube to search for some workout tutorials ~~ and this is what i found ~

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Art is about self expressing and not competing

well something hit me on the head when i was scolded "Art is about self expressing and not competing" by a close fren while chatting ..... well i sat there for a while thinking about it ... well i have to admit ... i am so obses with the whole "fame " thing .. everything i do now is just to achieve 1 goal .... thats fame .. Well my fren told me that it is so unhealthy for me .... well .. i was kinda speechless when he said that ...

i admit wat he said was completely right about me .. but to think of that .. i'm actually placed to compete in other word force ...all these while what i've been doing is to try to prove ppl wrong about wat they think about me... and i am not a piece of shit .. well my mind is so messy about that sentence that he hit me with now .... lets not talk about that ..

haha... its been so freaking long since the first post huh ? lol ~ was kinda busy at work ( i mean college ) has been working on some project lately and beating deadlines .....

well this abit of what i'm doing ....

screen shoots of my interactive business card~

and .... i'm kinda into photography recently and i got myself a new flickr account ..... this is some photo inside ~ feel free to drop by and give some comments :)