Friday, 29 February 2008


i am sorry that .... i've been too into my freelance job and part time work ~ and sorta .... i mean REALLY neglected my college work ~~ i promise i will stop freelancing for few weeks and finish get my butt out of college only i will put my full effort on work ~

i've also been so "no life " that i work till late night and i don even have sometime to do my own design an exploration ......

WTF !!! ... kahfai really teruk ..... ~ bad student tsk tsk tsk no wonder lecturer don like him ~ -_- ~

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

woah woah woah TOA news letter ~

was reading thru my mail and i saw this is toa news letter ~ fucking happy lo

Bandar Sunway:Five The One Academy students had the opportunity and the privilege to partner with Nivo Entertainment to develop the music video for Nivo’s latest music talent, iKy, entitled ‘Hu Ran Siang Tau Ni’.

The Multimedia Design students, Tan Wei Peow, Eddy Low, Lew Yet Yun, Lee Xin Xin and Liew Kah Fai (team Leader Tan Wei Peow was not present during interview) were selected to take part in the project as they were considered the most suitable candidates to meet the Nivo Entertainment’s high requirements – said Joanne Kok, a lecturer in the Multimedia Design faculty.

According to Liew Kah Fai, who handled the Lighting, Motion Graphics and Art Direction, the internship with Nivo is a new experience for him to realize the potential of his imagination. “We learned about understanding the needs of clients, the importance of team spirit and the intricacies of the shooting phase. We’ve also had the opportunity to work with a real make-up artist on-site!” added the student.

The music video focuses on a love story full of memories, regrets and sadness which parted because they could not spend a lot of time together. Hence, the male protagonist decided to give up the relationship, not before planting a gerbera flower garden for the female character as a final act of love.

Directing and editing the music video was not an easy task for Eddy Low, who aspires to become a director. “Our 1st experience using a green screen has been a challenge because we had head knowledge without the practical training. As a result, we had a tough time keying out the screen and inserting the effects,” Eddy elaborated.

The shoot allowed the students to work with real models from Nivo as well as hi-tech gadgets and cameras to create the music video. The students’ completed work will go on Malaysian air in summer 2008 and took approximately 4 months to complete.

(i never remember telling the guy i handle lighting also -_- lll )