Friday, 20 July 2007

freaking BORED

its friday !!! FIANLLY !!! i've been waiting for this day to come since forever .. i've been siting infront of my comp for almost whole week sleepless doing my homework ... i can feel my comp also wanna tell me "get a life dude " .... lolz .... gosh ~~ dunno why today eveyrone like missing in action :( ... gosh ~ wanna find someone to go out with me also so hard ZZZZZZzzzz fuck !! BORED !!!!! i dowan to rot at home !!!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

my mom tot i was dead

GOSH ...... i woke up just now at 4 am .... and i realise i have been fainted for nearly ... 12 hours !! lol ~~~ i have been staying up sleepless for god knows how many days ... gosh ~ life is busy ~ motion graphic ... online media ~ MM production .... i love design ... but .... i need more time man ... i reach home from school today at 5 ... and i plan to go for some exercise ( basketball ) .. but then i told myself to go lie down on the bed for half hours resting .. LOL !! i didnt wake up ~ luckily i didnt go play basketball ... i think i will be dead by now ~ LOLZ .... gosh i'm bored ~~!! everyone is offline .... i guess .... hwk time ... again ~ GO go GO !!!!!! no art work to show today ~ :/

Thursday, 12 July 2007


i'm kinda into vector recently ~~ ... well was doing some vector icon for a fren ~ cuz i promised her so ...... ( she forced me ) .... and so ... here it is .... i fit it into a t shirt instead ~ cuz i find it cute ... well and here's some character design of my next project as well ~~~ soon yee and akmal ~ thanks for being my model ~ lol u guys look cute ~ :)

joey~ in my t-shirt design " beauty of simplicity "
pop art style

lol ~ cute akmal and soon yee in my project character design

Monday, 9 July 2007

photography vs photoshop ~

all these while i hold on to my believe when taking photos where good photography comes from pure photography without very much photoshopping ~ ..... well ~ i went to my art teacher studio today and ... dunno how the hell we chat about photography and then ... lolz ~ i dunno how the hell we get into this topic where i say ..... " if photoshop the photos ... then photography is meaningless ledi ....... then every camera can come out with nice photo .. and i don have to buy a dslr for nice photos " .... my art teacher knock my head ~ and lecture me for like 20 mins about .... how potography develop ~ how ppl last time do editing using flim and bla bla bla .... and ... tell me photography is about the composition and the story u wan to tell and not about photoshop or not (but ofcuz .... limit urself when photoshopping ... don too kao kao la )~ geesh ~~ .... lol ~ so i went home ... and... lolz ~ photoshop some photo i tool ( finally i don feel guilt to photoshop my photo's ... haha wanted to do it sicne forever ) .....


akmal's blue sandals

a kiddo at buddha fest

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

4th piece digital painting !!

was browsing thru flickr 1 random night and saw this photo ~~~~ from yew chin ~~ it was perfectly shot ~ so i did a digital painting on it ~ gosh ~~ i've been doing more illustration work more then ... multimedia work ~~ LOL ~~ feel free to comment ~~

the original photo ~~ nice photo ey ?

photoshop +painter ...... took me two nights to get this done