Thursday, 25 September 2008

turning point ( i hope to a better life )

had my burfday last week ~ and ~~ thanks to my frenz ~ and my beee for celebrating with me ~

the burfday cake my mom bought for me ... well i mean she pay me to go and buy my own cake ... kesian betul and then i was like even speechless when the gurl from secret recipe ask me wat should they write on my cake ~ -_______________- kesian ... dah lah buy myself .. the burfday wish have to write my own .....

and i got this very nice wallet from my bee from CK .......thanks lot bee ...although i have to choose myself .... not much supprises for this year .... and not to forget i went for a so called burfday lunch with my darl soonyee and jeev ~ thanks

some random photo of wat we do when we are too free ... lol "ink-ing each other "

i've been thinking for few months now about wat i wan for my future and ... wat i tot when i'm in college and when i came out work it was so diff ....... i took a decision to leave my current position at my current company and plan to take diff responsibilities and role but not as a designer anymore ... but still in the industry ~ the reason why is .. i need to learn more then design .... cuz i know being a designer wont take me where i wanna go ... well wish me luck ~ i'm not sure if my decision is correct but well im still young .... i can still fail ...... it was a hard decision tho to leave my company cuz i learnt alot ... and i love the ppl the enviroment there ~ well ..... live move on ~~ thanks ~~~to them