Saturday, 26 January 2008

learning attitude ... attidue learning

is learning important then attitude or attitude is more important then learning ?

Friday, 18 January 2008

love Vs company

a post i saw from TAN MING KEE ... which i toltally agree with it ~

sometimes, love becomes a habit.
and one can't tell they're still in love or just doing a usual habit.

does merely keeping contact makes u two still a couple?
how do u define a couple?
is it that u merely need or company during your free time thats y u got yourself a partner?
are partners to be abandoned when u are busy?
will u ever tell ppl u're busy with your partner?
thousands of linked questions flooded my mind, but who is there to answer it for me?

when love becomes a routine, lots things became an unwritten rule.

u forgot
that calling each other is to talk bout your day,
and not just to say good night and fulfill your duty,
and to avoid the consequences of not calling.

u forgot
to hang out together is to get to know more of each other,
spend time with each other,
and not just to hang out and meet up to fulfill your responsibility.

u forgot
spending time together on occasions is to appreciate the occasion together,
and not just to let ppl know that 'of coz i did spend it with her'

u forgot
knowing special dates of your relationship is to celebrate the day together,
and not just to be able to answer when u're asked.

u forgot
eating together is to sit down nicely to look at each other,
to know what each other likes,
and not just to fill your stomach.

u forgot
holding hands is to let each other know u're still there ,
and not just to hold because every other couple does that.

u forgot
a hug can reassure a lot of things,
so don't hug just to hug.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

"love " ~ being cupid is such a hard job

"The Mask"

something i put on since ytr ~ haha ~ .................................... anyway .... was wondering all these while ... how do u define love .... like do u really know that if u love that particular someone or like that someone ? sometimes love tend to fade off slowly and it became a habit .... a part of ur life ~ like ... loving her is already a habit so u love her cuz u are used to loving her and not love her because u love her .and never notice that love has already gone .....and why is it so hard to let go when there is a break ???

isit really because the particular person is still loving the other half OR .... he /she is already used to his company ~ and does it mean that u love someone if u enjoy their company alot ?? and sometimes i wonder ~ whether u want to be with that that person so u love them or ... u
love them thats why u be with them ......

and how much u love the person is how much u will hate em after on ???

headache question ... yea ... tell me about it ~ .....


there's some arguement between me and a fren .... where i think u are what u say and where u hang out .........or study ~~ enviroment does affect ppl's thinking and midset not to mention behavior ~ ......... i doesnt mean all ..( SERIOUSLY i dont mean all.. for thoose who know wat i am talking about ... i'm not being offensive)... but most of them .... which i sarcasticly think that a particular area's ppl which i am not so fond of ... where she think toltally differently.and being so protective over them which i find it kinda contra with wat she said well maybe people change especially women .. they are sooo not predictable (well maybe not all the time )....and i respect it tho....i guess thoose ppl have their "market" and ... difinately not attractive at all to me .
well for somebody's information ..... u get dump isnt because the other half has change .... its because .. ppl improved ~~ and u stay foot on where u are and i guess u are probably very happy with it as i toltally does respect ur side of culture ...... probably she find it hard to communicate with u anymore cuz .. ur mentality or social are ..... is not till her/his level .. ... well so ... find ya self someone ur level i guess would be suitable enuff for u ~

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

NO WONDER when "the mask " was out in the movie its so HOT

i don understand why am i always NOT appreciated ~ say wat's best for others ... giving turthfully advise ~~ but ppl always get it the wrong way ~ ........... well i've learnt my lesson once ~ that people doesnt take truthfull advice ~ they like lies ..... beautifulll lies ... so watever ... back to the old me ~~ "WOW ..... prettynya HOW DID U DO THAT omg "~~ if this is wat everyone likes ~ i say cuz i care ~ i risk being seen as a bitch to say that and this is wat i get ~ so ... i guess ~~ being in a mask would be the best thing to live happily ever after in the community ~ i guess POPular people ... and sociable ~ people are thoose who has be biggest mask collection in thier pocket ~ i guess i shud learn from them ~ ....

~good bye .. mr.wise guy trying to be nice ~ welcome the new .... mr. sociable ...."THE MASK "

talking about mask ~~ my blog soooooo need a change ~~ need to give it a nicer skin tho ~~ need some time to do it ......... ~~~~ BZ BZ BZ BZ .......... waiting for all my money to come to me ..... come to DADDY !!!! woahaAHAHAhaha i sooooo gonna shop till i drop when i get'em ~

for somebody's information ~~ the rite way to love is not being obsess with that particular someone ...... so much for being wise ... lol ~ like i know how to love ~~ -______- lll well saying is always easier ~ anyway love sucks ...... i guess everyone knows .... recently alot of peeps is getting in love ... seeing little little LOVE sparkles... between frenz ... and sadly alot of ppl is in depression from breaking up ~~ its so sweet to see them in love but felt .... empty at the same time tho ..... u_u .... when will i meet "u" .... or i shud say ... when can i get "u" ....

peep say if u love someone u wanna see em happy & u'll be happy~ hell middle finger on this many people can do it .... saying is definately easy ..the cRUEl turth is ....when u see em happy WITHOUT u ....u feel SUCKy ~~ ... SERIOUSly ... LOL ~ ~~ well ~~ atleast this is wat i seen from some fren ~ -_- lll ~~

i guess thats all .... its already morning anyway ~ ...... ~

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

qoute for the day ~

sometimes ..... problems will be solved if u leave them alone ...... insisting to solve problems at the wrong time will just make things worst ~ take a break and come back for it when everything has cool down ~

Friday, 11 January 2008

not so me .....

fucking losta things happened .. happening ~ and going to happen ........ i'm so fucking tired of life .. so sick and tired of ppl fucking around telling this and that assuming this and that .like they know everything "duh ~~~ u don ok ? continue being ur good little boy under the bitch skirt" fucking not like i care anymore.....crazily stressed at work ...hate websites !! ....... not going so well in college too~ FUCK ~~ wats going on in my life ? ~~~i need to really get myself back on track ~recently learnt that .......... when u open ur palm and let something go then only u will be able to grab sumthing else in return ~~ holding to something tight doesnt lead u anywhere will just bring u to depression and obsession ~ ~

so much for being emo, for thoose who care ... thanks for caring for thoose who doesnt ... fuck off ... :) ~ doesnt need anything from u tho......... not like i'll give a damn about u reading it or not ~ -_-

well its a freaking new year ~ i wan a freaking better life ~

new job .... lotsa money ~ true frenz ~

todo list ...... or i should say wish list for this year 2008

+ a cool job
+ hope my "secret project " works well
+ freaking know more chicks ( need more opurtunity ... "duh")
+ external flash for my cam
+ lens for my cam
+ a cool car ~~~

jeev burfday party tmr ~~ promised to do him some new media stuff for his party but was so freaking bz recently ~ so i did a simple animation instead ~~ "jeev is hot " ~ lol ~ hmmm hope u don mind tho ~ u guys are the best !!! post it on later if i got time -_-

did some 3d modeling recently ........ but havent do the lighting and texturing ...