Monday, 9 July 2007

photography vs photoshop ~

all these while i hold on to my believe when taking photos where good photography comes from pure photography without very much photoshopping ~ ..... well ~ i went to my art teacher studio today and ... dunno how the hell we chat about photography and then ... lolz ~ i dunno how the hell we get into this topic where i say ..... " if photoshop the photos ... then photography is meaningless ledi ....... then every camera can come out with nice photo .. and i don have to buy a dslr for nice photos " .... my art teacher knock my head ~ and lecture me for like 20 mins about .... how potography develop ~ how ppl last time do editing using flim and bla bla bla .... and ... tell me photography is about the composition and the story u wan to tell and not about photoshop or not (but ofcuz .... limit urself when photoshopping ... don too kao kao la )~ geesh ~~ .... lol ~ so i went home ... and... lolz ~ photoshop some photo i tool ( finally i don feel guilt to photoshop my photo's ... haha wanted to do it sicne forever ) .....


akmal's blue sandals

a kiddo at buddha fest

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