Friday, 18 January 2008

love Vs company

a post i saw from TAN MING KEE ... which i toltally agree with it ~

sometimes, love becomes a habit.
and one can't tell they're still in love or just doing a usual habit.

does merely keeping contact makes u two still a couple?
how do u define a couple?
is it that u merely need or company during your free time thats y u got yourself a partner?
are partners to be abandoned when u are busy?
will u ever tell ppl u're busy with your partner?
thousands of linked questions flooded my mind, but who is there to answer it for me?

when love becomes a routine, lots things became an unwritten rule.

u forgot
that calling each other is to talk bout your day,
and not just to say good night and fulfill your duty,
and to avoid the consequences of not calling.

u forgot
to hang out together is to get to know more of each other,
spend time with each other,
and not just to hang out and meet up to fulfill your responsibility.

u forgot
spending time together on occasions is to appreciate the occasion together,
and not just to let ppl know that 'of coz i did spend it with her'

u forgot
knowing special dates of your relationship is to celebrate the day together,
and not just to be able to answer when u're asked.

u forgot
eating together is to sit down nicely to look at each other,
to know what each other likes,
and not just to fill your stomach.

u forgot
holding hands is to let each other know u're still there ,
and not just to hold because every other couple does that.

u forgot
a hug can reassure a lot of things,
so don't hug just to hug.


Jason Lee said...

Nice post.

sob sob, aku tak ada :(

kelLie* said...

i like this post. makes ppl think. hhaha