Wednesday, 16 January 2008

NO WONDER when "the mask " was out in the movie its so HOT

i don understand why am i always NOT appreciated ~ say wat's best for others ... giving turthfully advise ~~ but ppl always get it the wrong way ~ ........... well i've learnt my lesson once ~ that people doesnt take truthfull advice ~ they like lies ..... beautifulll lies ... so watever ... back to the old me ~~ "WOW ..... prettynya HOW DID U DO THAT omg "~~ if this is wat everyone likes ~ i say cuz i care ~ i risk being seen as a bitch to say that and this is wat i get ~ so ... i guess ~~ being in a mask would be the best thing to live happily ever after in the community ~ i guess POPular people ... and sociable ~ people are thoose who has be biggest mask collection in thier pocket ~ i guess i shud learn from them ~ ....

~good bye .. mr.wise guy trying to be nice ~ welcome the new .... mr. sociable ...."THE MASK "

talking about mask ~~ my blog soooooo need a change ~~ need to give it a nicer skin tho ~~ need some time to do it ......... ~~~~ BZ BZ BZ BZ .......... waiting for all my money to come to me ..... come to DADDY !!!! woahaAHAHAhaha i sooooo gonna shop till i drop when i get'em ~

for somebody's information ~~ the rite way to love is not being obsess with that particular someone ...... so much for being wise ... lol ~ like i know how to love ~~ -______- lll well saying is always easier ~ anyway love sucks ...... i guess everyone knows .... recently alot of peeps is getting in love ... seeing little little LOVE sparkles... between frenz ... and sadly alot of ppl is in depression from breaking up ~~ its so sweet to see them in love but felt .... empty at the same time tho ..... u_u .... when will i meet "u" .... or i shud say ... when can i get "u" ....

peep say if u love someone u wanna see em happy & u'll be happy~ hell middle finger on this many people can do it .... saying is definately easy ..the cRUEl turth is ....when u see em happy WITHOUT u ....u feel SUCKy ~~ ... SERIOUSly ... LOL ~ ~~ well ~~ atleast this is wat i seen from some fren ~ -_- lll ~~

i guess thats all .... its already morning anyway ~ ...... ~

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