Tuesday, 15 April 2008

foam city

another sony ads ..... crazy ....... this is why i love motion ~

have been sleeping damn alot recently (have to ........sleep back wat i have lost for past 3 years ma )~~ will get back to work soon ~ -_-

and and ... omg ...... my group and me was on nanyang news paper ytr about the previous project we did ~~ goosh ~ @_@ .. yea ... the one with the lame pose

anyway ..... good morning

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::lil ice:: said...


ya~her work is my reference, i knew her too~she is my idol and my fren too~but "exactly"??? i had modified it~ maybe this is what happen when we try to take sumtin for reference~
this is my first time draw~i m trying to draw this kind of style~dat's why i will refine them again when i free~ and, i had msn her, dat i wil take her work as reference~u may ask her^^

if u r so uneasy with it~i wil private it^^
will redo it all over again and public it again~

thanks for ur comment^^