Thursday, 28 June 2007

FREE at last !!!! for 1 night

finally i pass up my motion graphic today .... felt damn relax after passing up .... haha right after coming back from coll i started sleeping until 12 am only i woke up ... never felt how its like to sleep lidat since ...... last holiday ~ wakakakka ~ then i started ston-ing infront of my comp and felt like drawing again so i did another piece of digital paitning of kym ~ XP took me quite some time to finish it ....somehow one of my fren just broke up with her bf .... she seems so depressed from her nick name .. it makes me think of the time i broke up with my ex 1 year back .. i was like her was like the end of the world for me .. it took me quite some time to heal my wound ......well she just need sometime and she'll realise that love is just a small part of life .... there's alot of nicer thing other than love ... :) like frenz .... cheerish the frenz u have......i'm greatfull that i have a bunch of cool frenz now ~ thanks guys ~

screenshots from FIRST my motiongraphic ever

photos i found randomly online

my version of kym....... photoshop+painter

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