Saturday, 30 June 2007

The road not taken

stresssed !!!!!! i need to come out with the action script for the f***king online media website which i really kenot find any info of it online ~~ GRRRR !!!! and then i was offered a chance to partner with a stylist to open a studio which he already found all the sponsors ~ he is just waiting my answer then the project will starts ~~ gosh ~ and he will pay all the rental and stuffs i just need to do his F**king website .... and take the photograph of the models ~ ~~ i doubt it if i really wanna go into the "fashion field " ..... but ofcuz i wanna earn money (who dont ) but ... i will be much more happier if i am a freaking cool desginer and earn a living with my design ~~ ...... and .. i dunno if i got time to cope with my studies or not ....... :"( ... and this might be a chance for me (who knows wat it will brings me to ? ) .... i am stressed !!!

anyway ~~ this is a t-shirt design i did ..... lolz ~ i think a t-shirt looks nice if its plain ... so .....

sounds not convincing ~~ hummm i wonder why ~~ (lame)

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