Saturday, 18 August 2007

i'm back ~

phew ~ finally i have some free time to blog ... my blog has been update-less for months ~ due to assignments and project ~ well i finally get all my projects done .. and as well as some freelance jobs ~~ :) well alot of things happend ....the happy thing is .... omg ... i cant belive i got high marks for my online media ... ..hahahah was so happy ~~ ~~ well credits for my teammates as well ~ happy working with u guys ~ but the site still have some little bugs running ere and there i will fix it soon ~

the sad thing is !!! EUGENE and MANMENG is leaving toa T.T ~~~~ omg ... i knew they will leave sooner or later (duh~ who wanna stay teaching forever ~ not like the sallary is damn high ) but i never knew it was before i graduate !! haih ..... my fav lecture eugene ~~ the one that was always there for me ... for my last minute work( i know its not good ... i'm trying hard to not ledi its more like ..... doing till last minit and not last minit onli do ) and yet never show me the bitchy face ... (lol not like someone else ) ~ and my scripting problem that is so freaking scary cuz i always wanted to do something diff ~~ i got a hint form him last week when he say someone is leaving but i tot it was manmeng ~at that time i was like .... omg .... the most talented ppl in script is leaving .....and i told myself ... nvm nvm ~ still got eugene ~ WTF ~ at tues ~ they announce together both of them is leaving so freaking sad lo ~ now no one solve my scripts d ~~ no one let me hantar work lewat ledi ~~ :( ~~~~~~ SAD !!! well ~~ i didnt get a chance to really thank him cuz .... :( my classmate did a vedio for him and .. wth ~ i tak sempat to do the vedio for my part ( I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED ) .... well i know he wont be reading this but .... THANK YOU for everything ~ well here's some photo of my class and two of the legendary lecturers in TOA mm dept ... the god of scripts and .. the famous kind hearted lecturer

look at the T shirt ~ its stated " i love man meng eugene "

this is the first time i see manmeng smile so happy ~

i guess i'll wish u guys luck on ur journey ~ :)

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