Monday, 27 August 2007

someone said my blog is updateless ... LOL

wah it has been such a freaking loOOng day ytr ~ ~ well i did a design for pipit
( a designer forum )'s anniverserry :) ......

here it is :) oriental style ~ ahahah

after that i went to ...... putra jaya ~ PLANNING to take some photo's of the firework competition ~ but WTF ?! i reach there like .... 5 minits before the thing started ~ i was freaking jam ~ and ... FUCKER i dunno which direction will the fireworks be ~ and after the first firework was seen in the sky only i know it was freaking far away ~ I Ran like fucking MILES towards the place ~ and i gave up ~ half way cuz its lke fucking faraway ~ and i fucking kenot get some clear shots of the fireworks due to the angle and the position was not GOOD ! FUCK IT ... i'll be there again ~ HOPE i can get another good shoots of it ~

but i did manage to get some shots of putra jaya ~ :)

LOVE the reflection contrast

1 comment:

m`egumi said...

i cannot tahan lor.
must say this lor.
that pipit poster damn pretty lor :)