Friday, 11 January 2008

not so me .....

fucking losta things happened .. happening ~ and going to happen ........ i'm so fucking tired of life .. so sick and tired of ppl fucking around telling this and that assuming this and that .like they know everything "duh ~~~ u don ok ? continue being ur good little boy under the bitch skirt" fucking not like i care anymore.....crazily stressed at work ...hate websites !! ....... not going so well in college too~ FUCK ~~ wats going on in my life ? ~~~i need to really get myself back on track ~recently learnt that .......... when u open ur palm and let something go then only u will be able to grab sumthing else in return ~~ holding to something tight doesnt lead u anywhere will just bring u to depression and obsession ~ ~

so much for being emo, for thoose who care ... thanks for caring for thoose who doesnt ... fuck off ... :) ~ doesnt need anything from u tho......... not like i'll give a damn about u reading it or not ~ -_-

well its a freaking new year ~ i wan a freaking better life ~

new job .... lotsa money ~ true frenz ~

todo list ...... or i should say wish list for this year 2008

+ a cool job
+ hope my "secret project " works well
+ freaking know more chicks ( need more opurtunity ... "duh")
+ external flash for my cam
+ lens for my cam
+ a cool car ~~~

jeev burfday party tmr ~~ promised to do him some new media stuff for his party but was so freaking bz recently ~ so i did a simple animation instead ~~ "jeev is hot " ~ lol ~ hmmm hope u don mind tho ~ u guys are the best !!! post it on later if i got time -_-

did some 3d modeling recently ........ but havent do the lighting and texturing ...


Jason Lee said...

Damn! I already suspected something at McDonalds that morning.

That's why I ask u that particular question, and U ask me back.

Relax bro, you are just stressed up with work and the 'split' ;)

kahfai said...

split ur head ~~ i'm having a personality split soon ~ going to die