Friday, 7 March 2008


breaking down ... i cant hold on anymore longer ~ i'm having a serious headache ~ i feel like vomit-ing ~

i HATE college ~~ i hate final projects ~
I HATE .... i'm under alot alot of streess ~ i couldnt take it anymore ... i need support ~ -__-
I need life ~
i need time ~ I HATE COLLEGE ~ KNN!! for 3 years ~ 3 fucking years ~~ it has been like hell ~ -_- i know there's one month left only but i really cant take it anymore ~ ...
i just cant ~

1 comment:

kelLie* said...

wei! are u okay???
take care ehh
jiayou jiayou...
kenot give up leh !:D:D
i know u wil b famous one day. and very successfull :)